Okay.. What’s up?

Behind the Scenes


HELLO AGAIN to anyone interested or kind enough to click on a link of mine from Facebook or Twitter, and welcome (and please stick around) to anyone just stumbling by this blog.


Okay.. So.. What’s up?

Yesterday the Assembly of Shame exhibition opened and to be honest it was even more bizarre than I expected it. I took part with the triptych of photographs you can see above, which I think play nicely to tell the story I wanted to.

[BTS] Scissor Kick Levitation Shot

Behind the Scenes

Scissor Kick Levitation

World Cup fever? Everyone’s hyped and even I am tracking it, although I can’t claim I’m a football fan.

Well, in the meantime, I came across some levitation photos that really impressed me and decided I wanted to give it a try myself. The easiest test subject at my disposal? Obviously, my little bro, who ended up showing off this photo as his profile pic to impress some friends.

Is the smartphone in your pocket the key to advancing your photography and training your creative eye?

Boats Parking

Belgrade, Serbia

We all love our selfies and our pictures of food, or when we go to cool places, and all the random funny moments we want to capture and later embarrass our friends for, but if you stop and think about what you could create with your smartphone camera it might open up a whole new visual dimension in photography.

[BTS] The Story of Mr.&Mrs. President

Behind the Scenes

Mr.&Mrs. President You know when election time comes, because you see numerous posters popping up everywhere, begging for your vote.

School’s Student Council elections for President and Vice-President, as well as Secretary and Treasury, are really no different, and the quality of the advertisement work can make a great candidate pair stand out even more, or it could bury them deep on the notice boards among all the other crap.

Blog Entry No:1 – Starting Again

Personal Thoughts
I always took my camera with me all the way to London and then back home and then back again but I had stopped taking photos. I was barely ever taking it out to shoot something and even when I did I didn’t feel satisfied with myself so I would just end up leaving all of my files, processed or not, in Lightroom and never export them, let alone post them anywhere.
What changed?